Rotogravure printing machine G-1

Rotogravure printing machine G-1

G-1 is a rotogravure printing machine designed for printing on cellulose and poliamide sausage casing with one colour (3 casing reels at the same time) in rotogravure technology. The machine has been made and adapted for printing large expenditures in a 24/7 duty cycle, maintaining very high and reproducible print quality.

The automatic viscosity control system in which the machine is equipped allows to keep constant paint parameters during printing.

The machine has a very effective drying system fully configurable operating with the help of infrared radiators and blowing with warm air.

Precise and uniform strength of unwinding and winding ensures 3 fully configurable and independent systems to control casing tension.

All machine drives have been implemented entirely on servo drives.

In designing and constructing our G-1 rotogravure printing machine we applied all the newest solutions and most updated technologies available in the field of printing machinery.
We used a number of innovative solutions of our authorship in order to make the machine easy to use and operator-friendly.

Technical data

Printing speed – max: do 150 m/min
Type of material: cellulose, polyamide
Printed casings: Casing size from 25 mm till 55 mm
Width of printing: 3 x 55 mm
Print lenght (raport): 350 mm – 450 mm
Type of ink: Solvent based


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