Sausage is known to be one of the oldest and most enduring form of processed meat. Over the years, the production of cured meat has a well developed crafts and evolved into a highly specialized field of activity.

Today there are numerous types of sausage casings beyond the natural such as Collagen, Cellulose and Plastic. Much information and instruction about these man-made products is available through the major manufacturers of these casings and it is not our place to delve into them here. Our task and the main goal is to meet the wider needs related to the preparation of casings (humidification, shirring, printing) before the process of stuffing by offering innovative engineering facilities. We are open to individual needs of our customers, which are caused constantly changing market requirements. We don’t want to be seen as a simple manufacturer of machines and equipment but as a partner which helps to create optimal comprehensive solutions and provide continued support in the development of your business.