HRD-180 Humidification device

We are pleased to present you AMS HRD-180 humidification device. It is designed for humidification and rewinding collagen, cellulose and plastic casing before shirring process. Constructing device AMS HRD-180 we used the latest solutions and technologies available on the market. We paid special attention to create device user-friendly, easy to use by operator and efficiency. Bearing in mind maintain and keep clean of the device we used a range of solutions for quick and easy disassembly of components that require cleaning. To meet the expectations of our customers, we can customize the offered unit to individual needs.

Technical data

Diameter of humidified/rewound casings: from Ø32 mm to Ø180 mm
Type of casing: plastic, collagen, cellulose
Diameter of inner core: 3″/6″
Humidification/rewinding speed: Up to 150m/min
Web guider system: Yes
Tank capasity : 120 l
Casing tension smooth regulation: Yes
Adjust the amount of fluid: from 0 to 2,5l/min

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